Foco ADItech

The Navarre Innovation System, like any other social or industrial sector, is part of the society around it and interacts with this society. But how exactly do SINAI and society interact?

ADItech works to provide a thorough portrait of the relationship between Navarrese society and the Navarre Innovation System. What is this relationship like? How is it produced? Who are the drivers? What are the means? And the barriers?



The goal is to contribute, from the position of coordinator of the System, to a shared vision and progress towards a relationship with the science of the 21st century. Another aim is to engage the social, economic-productive, ethical and political-managerial dimension of science in order to identify the levers and mechanisms capable of propelling and enriching it as effectively as possible.

Objectives of the Citizen-Science Nexus Study

Discover the relationship between Navarrese society and science and technology in the region. How is it created? Who are the chief actors? What are the dynamics?

Methodology of the Citizen-Science Nexus Study

In-house design of a set of actions, surveys, questionnaires and workshops through which to obtain and analyse the results and chief conclusions.


If you want to participate and you do not have an access code, contact this email address:

If you belong to one of the SINAI R&D execution agents (universities, technology centers or research centers in Navarra).

If you belong to one of the chosen key environments (media, education, public administrations, scientific dissemination entities and business fabric).