Reference is made throughout the text of the Navarrese Science and Technology Act to collaboration between Agents as a tool fundamental to driving, consolidating and enhancing when it comes to: boosting, consolidating, improving expertise and competitiveness, specialisation, excellence, seeking the Internationalisation of the System and talent management. Collaboration is therefore synonymous with common values, shared opportunities and the ability to achieve more ambitious goals.

Pursuant to the Science and Technology Act, within this area, the functions of the coordinator of the agents delivering the Navarre R&D and innovation system SINAI are:

• Focal point for the agents of SINAI

As the coordinator of agents, ADItech actively serves as the interlocutor of the agents before the Government of Navarre and its representatives for administrative, consultative and representational purposes.

• Promotion of cooperation agreements between SINAI agents

ADItech has signed agreements with all the SINAI R&D executing agents, to improve its excellence, its capabilities and its competitiveness.
Find out more about SINAI in this section: WHAT IS SINAI?

• Management of the Database and the shared infrastructure system.

The SIESS Platform is now a reality. More than 1,200 pieces of equipment and elements of infrastructure shared between 12 SINAI agents. Consult it at SIESS

• Management of a repository of publications and projects by SINAI R&D and innovation agents

In addition to the repository of R&D and innovation projects that you can find in COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS, ADItech is also the entity responsible for managing a common repository of scientific publications by the research groups belonging to the SINAI Agents.

• Coordination of collaborative and transfer projects between Agents

See COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS and find out about them.


Research and innovation create new opportunities and allow us to shape the future. The potential impact of investment in research and innovation is greater when the work performed not only has pace and direction but is also excellent. Results based on excellence, in its most global sense, allow us to be more ambitious when it comes to defining what we want that future to be like. Several aspects need to be taken into account when speaking of Excellence: equality between men and women, the promotion of scientific and research talent, the encouragement of knowledge transfer, collaboration, internationalisation, sustainability, specialisation, etc.

Pursuant to the Science and Technology Act, within this area, the functions of the coordinator of the agents delivering the Navarre R&D and innovation system SINAI are:

• Organisation of the SINAI Agent evaluation process

ADItech is the entity responsible for carrying out the new evaluation process for the different R&D and innovation delivery agents based on the parameters and objectives set out in the Navarrese Law.

• Support to enhance the excellence of SINAI

See the section PARTNERSHIPS and find out who our partners outside SINAI are.

• Adaptation to management standards required by Authorities

ADITECH, as coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that the different SINAI Agents adapt their management systems to the standards required by the authorities, driving, where appropriate, the individual or collective changes and improvements needed.

• Assuring compliance with equality measures in SINAI

ADItech is responsible for driving the Equality measures defined in the Science and Technology Act. We refer both to the real equality of men and women in the fields of representation and institutional responsibility, and to applying the gender perspective to research as a further aspect of pursuing scientific excellence.
To find out about all the initiatives being launched through ADItech, see RESEARCH WITH A GENDER DIMENSION..


In the current context of globalisation, international visibility has become a key asset for institutions engaged in R&D and innovation. Collaboration with other organisations and other networks outside Navarra is one of the primary paths towards such international scope. Participating in European projects and having strategic partners is a value in itself and a tool for growth. The R&D and innovation activities, the actions to drive the System, the dissemination activities and the search for equality through equality, etc., are objectives described by European legislation, Plans and Directives. We are convinced, therefore, of the need to internationalise SINAI and ADItech.

Pursuant to the Science and Technology Act,, within this area, the functions of the coordinator of the agents delivering the Navarre R&D and innovation system SINAI are:

• Boosting SINAI internationally

The visibility of SINAI as a whole and the activities of ADITECH as coordinator should reach beyond Navarre, at European and even an international level.
See PARTNERSHIPS to find out who our partners outside the Navarre R&D and innovation system are.


Scientific research, technology and innovation are key pillars when it comes to achieving social and economic development. Supporting scientific and technological progress in different fields of science facilitates the creation of solutions to existing challenges and helps generate wealth and employment. They are also important pillars of Culture; scientific culture as a social value. Researcher and technologists are the people who make R&D and innovation a palpable reality. ADItech is responsible for publicising the advances continuously produced in the different fields of research developed as part of SINAI. In this way, thanks to these continuous transfer actions, society can recognise scientific work and acknowledge its protagonists as they deserve.

Pursuant to the Science and Technology Act, within this area, the functions of the coordinator of the agents delivering the Navarre R&D and innovation system SINAI are:

• Improving what companies and society know about SINAI

In 2019, ADItech started a process to assess the impact of SINAI on Navarrese society. The assessment is based on a rigorous methodology through which to discover the reality of the system’s impact and focus future actions.
Find out how we have approached this initiative SINAI AND SOCIETY and join in!

• Organisation of awards and dissemination events

Find out about our main scientific event aimed at society as a whole, SciencEkaitza.
Go to the SciencEkaitza section and find out all about the two editions already held.

• Boosting R&D and innovation in SINAI and at business level

ADItech is responsible for Boosting R&D and innovation. If you want to find out more about SINAI, see WHAT IS SINAI?.
See COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS and find out about some of them.

• Collaboration to boost training in science and technology

Education at different levels is another area of society where ADItech’s dissemination activity should take the form of actions, initiatives and projects.