SINAI, the Navarre Research & Development and innovation System, consists not only of all the public and private agents that belong to it but also the relationships, coordination structures and collaborative tools which facilitate the planning, management, implementation and monitoring of Navarre’s research, transfer, valorisation and innovation policies. The set of public and private agents that perform functions which lead to and support research, valorisation, transfer and innovation are considered agents of the Navarre R&D and innovation system SINAI.

According to the Science and Technology Act,, SINAI and its agents are aligned with the priority areas and strategic technologies detailed in the Science, Technology and Innovation Plans, and their activity is part of Navarre’s Smart Specialisation Strategy.

The thematic priorities established in 2016 are:

Automotive and Mechatronics
Food Chain
Renewable Energy and Resources
Creative and Digital Industries
Integrated tourism

The Technology Centres, Research Centres and Universities in the Navarre Innovation System are:

AIN (Asociación de la Industria Navarra)
CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables)
CIMA (Centro de Investigación Médica Aplicada)
CNTA (Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria)
NAITEC (Centro Tecnológico de Automoción y Mecatrónica)
Universidad de Navarra
Universidad Pública de Navarra

As a complete system, SINAI has 16 physical locations and infrastructure elements of its own. These are mostly centralised in the Pamplona District, but are also based in another 6 Navarrese municipalities.